Antique and Vintage Clock Collecting & Repair

Collecting, repairing, restoring antique and vintage clocks and a little horological history

My Clock Collection

after a good cleaning (4)
U. M. Muller German box clock
  • Ansonia octagon short drop school house wall clock, time-only
  • Arthur Pequegnat Canadian Time wall clock, time-only
  • Arthur Pequegnat Brandon wall clock, time-only
  • Arthur Pequegnat Maple Leaf fan top, time & strike
  • Blackforest shelf clock, time-only
  • Blackforest shelf clock, 1937 Coronation Edition, time-only
  • Carriage clock, unsigned, French, time-only
  • Daniel Dakota wall clock, time & strike
  • Daniel Dakota wall clock, (converted to quartz, Whittington & Westminster chime) 
  • Dugena mantel clock – Hermle movement, time & strike
  • Forestville mantel clock – Hermle movement, time, strike & chime (Westminster)
  • Forestville mantel clock – Hermle movement, time & strike
  • Forestville mantel clock with French Girod movement (designed by Kienzle); time, strike & chime (Westminster)
  • Gustav Becker 2 weight Vienna Regulator, Braunau movement, time & strike
  • Hermle Westminster chime bracket clock with moon phase, time, strike & chime
  • Ingersol-Waterbury mantel clock – Waterbury movement, time & strike
  • Ingraham Huron shelf clock – time & strike
  • Jauch short drop octagon wall clock – time only
  • Juba Shatz mantel clock – time & strike
  • Junghans Crispi wall clock – time and strike
  • Keininger-Obergfell (Kundo) 400 day anniversary clock, time-only
  • Kern 400 day clock, time only
  • Kern 400 day clock – diamond face, time only
  • Kienzle World Time Clock – time-only
  • Mauthe Westminster chime, mantel clock, time, strike & chime
  • Mauthe “Horse Crown” Vienna Style Wall clock, time & strike
  • New Haven Octagon Short Drop – time & strike
  • Ridgeway tall case clock with Westminster chime, time, strike & chime
  • Sessions Drop Octagon, 9 inch dial, time-only
  • Sessions Raven mantel clock, time & strike, gifted to daughter
  • Sessions American No.2 mantel clock, time & strike, gifted to daughter
  • Sessions Beveled No.2 mantel clock, time & strike
  • Sessions Westminster A mantel clock, time, strike & chime (two trains)
  • Seth Thomas round top cottage clock, time & strike
  • Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clock, time & strike
  • Smiths Enfield mantel clock, time & strike
  • Smiths Enfield mantel clock Art Deco style, time & strike
  • U.M. Muller wall clock, time & strike
  • Vienna Regulator, unmarked miniature, one weight
  • Waterbury Arion octagon short drop wall clock, time-only

My YouTube video, though somewhat dated, describes most of my clocks.

14 thoughts on “My Clock Collection

  1. Ron, I had the intentions of quickly viewing your page, but quickly became intrigued with your collection of clocks, and your passion for collecting, knowledge and memories. My favorites are your grandfather clock, and the one at 0:41 seconds (I can’t make out the name), but it is simply beautiful. It looks like it has so many stories to tell that live on through each strike.

    Great page, and love how you share your hobby & knowledge with others. It’s wonderful how we find something that brings us such happiness in the world around us, something that we often overlooked at a previous chapter in our life. Although I do not share relatively the same passion for horology that you do, I love the beauty of clocks – something so practical, overlooked, and aged, yet the importance it offers us in everyday life, the beauty we often fail to see and the stories that it tells.



  2. Great collection Ron, very much like mine in ways, nice collection of Pequegnat clocks. I like the web page great idea, i have a Facebook page. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hi Ronald. This is off topic, but since I cannot find any article on your blog about it, I hope you don’t mind my asking you here, out of curiosity, ok?

    In “Dans la ville blanche” (a 1983 Switzerland/Portugal/UK movie by Alain Tanner), I saw a backward clock. Here’s the screenshot, just in case:

    Is that really a purpose or some story behind that kind of clock? Thanks

    (PS: It’s ticking, and it’s not a CGI-oriented movie, so I vouch the clock is for real)


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