Antique and Vintage Clock Collecting & Repair

Collecting, repairing, restoring antique and vintage clocks and a little horological history

About Me

Bergeon Bushing Machine

Bergeon Bushing Machine

I am from a little community just outside Truro, Nova Scotia. My hobbies are clock collecting and repair, photography, furniture refinishing and light carpentry. This blog focuses on my interest in horology which is the science and art of time. The blog also allows me to combine my hobbies of clock repair/collecting, photography and traveling. Except where otherwise credited, all photos are mine. All are reduced in size to protect my copyright.

The nice thing about horology (clock collecting) is that I get to meet many fascinating people as I travel across Canada and search for clocks to add to my growing and diverse collection. My wife and I often combine our clock hunting forays with sightseeing and photography turning all our little trips into interesting adventures and with intriguing people and their unique stories.


23 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Hi Richard and thanks for visiting my site. It looks like a very nice Muller clock and I am sure that it’s new owner will appreciate the time and effort you have put into the restoration. If you are looking for a price valuation of the clock may I suggest NAWCC where you can discuss everything about clocks though I am sure that you would have a similar organization in the UK.



  1. Just by coincidence here I’m in you Blog.
    As any engineer I like mechanic clocks but I’m not a clock’s collector.
    Born in a small Portuguese city I was clock reparateur apprentice during two scholarships periods as a punitive action for the bad results.
    After that a graduation on electronics and forty years with Philips International on a very interesting carrier who took me to the most exquisite countries.
    Now at 77 yo and on pension I got a plastic box whit what was a Hermle 540-020.
    Have been 2 months of intense work but the PM motor already works after a modification and a new brush setup.
    So I’m doing clock re-engineering on electronics fashion as among’s hundreds of citations in Internet referring Hermle I could not get information about this fine piece of horology .
    After this sermon you know I was visiting your blog.
    For you and family have a Happy New Year


    1. Hermle movement
      Thanks for coming to my blog. I am not a collector of electric clocks but I found two items on the Hermle 540-020 battery driven 1.5 volt(normal torch battery) clock that might be of interest to you.



  2. hello ron I have 2 clocks to sell as we are moveing both great shape an alberta grandfather and a no.1 reg. if interested email me or call 519 245 3872


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